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Village Tours

Customs & Etiquette

When holidaying in Fiji and participating in tours to Fijian villages it is important to understand the rules and customs that apply when you are in these Fijian villages. Fijians are known as the friendliest people in the world and it is important that you understand and respect our customs and traditions when visiting Fijian villages.


On arrival at a Fijian village it is customary to present a gift of Kava (Yaqona), the gift, called a sevusevu, is not expensive - 100 grams and costs approximately $10 fjd. The Kava  is presented to the head of the village or family that you are visiting. The presentation is usually in the house and will generally be attended by some of the other Fijians who happen to be in the vicinity at the time. Pounded into powder, the Kava will be mixed with water and served.


Village Tour Etiquette:


  • Dress modestly when away from the immediate vicinity of your resort or hotel and Always carry a sulu (sarong, lavalava, pareu) to cover bathing togs or shorts and halter tops. You Holiday Tour Guide will be able to assist you with this. Villages will sell sarongs that you can wrap around your legs these are usually $10fjd ($6AUD), this raises money for the local people.

  • When on tour in Fiji it can be considered to be rude to touch someone’s head.

  • Villages will also offer you food such as cocunts, this comes at a cost usually $5fjd ($3AUD), this raises money for the local people,

  • Women on holiday tours in Fiji must wear a Sulu when visiting the village.

  • Please avoid wearing hats while in the village. They are interpreted as a sign of disrespect.

  • If possible remove your shoes before entering any house or other building while on a village tour.

  • While on your Fiji village tour try and stay with your assigned host. If other villagers ask you to eat or accompany them, politely note that you are with your host and would be honored to visit with them at some other time. Remember, Fijians will, out of custom, always ask you to eat with them or share whatever they have.

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions, our Village Etiquette Rules.

Child Car Safety Seats are also available upon request

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