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Traditional Fijian Arts & Crafts

Tapa Cloth - Traditional Fiji Art

While you are in the village you may get the opportunity to see the traditional cloth Tapa. Tapa Cloth. Bark cloth, or tapa, is not a woven material, but made from bark that has been softened through a process of soaking and beating. Bark cloth is manufactured for everyday needs such as room dividers, clothing, and floor mats, as well as ceremonial uses in weddings and funerals.

Tapa Cloth | Traditional Fijian Arts and Crafts

Making Tapa cloth requires great skill and time to complete. The methodology has been passed down from generation to generation. The photos below show how it can also be used for ceremonial clothing, birthday & even business banners.

Tapa Cloth | Tradional Fijian Arts & Crafts

Traditional Craft Markets

While visiting local villages or even while visiting some of the resorts you may come across hand craft stalls run by the local Indigenous Fijians. It is worthwhile taking the time to stop and have a look at the crafts of the local people of Fiji. You will find many curious things, hand made crafts, shells etc. Buying from the local Indigenous Fijians also allows you to support the local communities.

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