The Authentic Fijian Paradise Experience

Musket Cove

Half Day Tour



Take a local charter boat to Muscat cove 


Check out the various tropical atolls and islands on the way to Muscat Cove


Enjoy a cocktail by the beach


Try snorkelling in the warm tropical waters of Muscat Cove

Enjoy a dip in the warm &  tranquil tropical waters

Enjoy a nice lunch by the beach


Or just relax by the beach

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All inclusive package for The Authentic Fijian Relaxation Experience Half Day Tour

Half Day Tour

  • We'll pick you up from your hotel and drop you back there after the tour in 0ur modern air-conditioned van

  • Meet local indigenous Fijian guides who will look after you and take you and an exciting and friendly Fijian adventure. 

  • The tour will normally take about 4 to 5 hours

  • Boarding from mud flats at Momi bay.

  • Must wear closed shoes, no bare feet are sandals.

  • Not recommended for persons with disabilities, asthma, epilepsy, heart problems, pregnant or suffering from anxiety.

Mick's is the only tour company 100% owned and operated by local Indigenous Fijians - and we promise to be on time!

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions, our Village Etiquette Rules.

Child Car Safety Seats are also available upon request