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How did we get our name Mick's Fiji?

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Mick is my nephew's name, that is my elder brother's son and he is the third generation in my family. He was born when Hurricane Mick hit Fiji in December 2009. Broadcasting Fiji announced that family & friends at the hospital need to be evacuated. My brothers and I were fighting with the wind from the village to the hospital with an old Carrie truck. Trees were lying on the road so we needed to pull them away at the side of the road. It wasn't easy to go and move my nephew home, so we reached the hospital safely. The wind was blowing so strong and we reached home safe and my Dad named him Mick after the name of the hurricane and the remembrance of us three brothers who risked our lives to go across the hurricane to save Micks life and now Mick is 5 year old. When I start our family business my Dad said to name the business after Mick.


How Did Mick's Fiji Start?

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Jenelle Fielding
Fiji Tours Transfers Airport Uniquely Fiji Holidaying in Fiji

Bula. Everyone please feel free to read how we started our family Fijian owned business. This was written by my friend Jenelle.

Jenelle Fielding

August 25, 2015

I recently made a new friend from Fiji. Talking the other night he shared a story with me which really touched me and I thought I would share it with you. I need to say that this young man comes from a family who have very little. Neither of his parents work and he has 3 other siblings all living in the village. One of his brothers was doing horse riding tours trying to make a living.

This guy was working in a resort as a waiter when he met an Australian family holidaying. Every night he would walk the grandmother of the family back to her room throughout her stay, making sure she was safe and taken care of. They chatted about many topics on the walks. On the last night the family were staying he said goodnight as he had every other night and went to leave but the grandmother asked him to come inside. He had no idea what was about to happen but what unfolded changed his life forever.

The grandmother handed him an envelope which contained $1000 AUD and told him to spend it however he wished and thanked him for looking after her so well during her stay. As we all know $1000 is a huge amount of money to Fijian people. He couldn't believe what was happening and how lucky he was.


What he did with the money is where this story touched me. He used the $1000 AUD as a deposit to buy a car. Once he had that car he started a business doing transfers and tours. The business now employs him and his 2 brothers and supports his whole family. That first car is now a small fleet of 3 and growing.

He kept in touch with the family who were so generous. When they saw what he was trying to achieve they decided to sponsor him to come to Australia where he is now studying business.
This guy is now only 23 years old and wise way beyond his years. It amazed me how $1000 could change the lives of so many people, not just now but for the rest of their lives just by choosing a smart way to spend it.

What is a small gesture to some can be life changing to another.

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