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Tau Village Sunday Church Service


All inclusive package for The Tau Village Sunday Church Service Day 

  • We'll pick you up from your hotel at 8.30 am and drop you back there after the tour in 0ur modern air-conditioned van

  • We will take you to our village church. Most Fijians are religious, and all villages than can afford to build one, will have their own church.

  • On a Sunday, village activities revolve around the times of the church services. As an example, no Kava is drunk, or important village matters discussed until the afternoon service is over.

  • On a typical Sunday morning in Fijian villages, you will hear the lali (a wooden drum, carved from a log) summoning the local parishioners to worship. Even if you are not religious, attending one of these services is something you should try to do if you get the chance. You probably won't understand the sermon, but the choir will need no interpretation.

  • Pacific islanders have some of the best harmonies that you will ever hear! How to dress for church: Refer to village etiquett

Mick's is the only tour company 100% owned and operated by local Indigenous Fijians - and we promise to be on time!

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions, our Village Etiquette Rules.

Child Car Safety Seats are also available upon request

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