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Bula and Thank You! Mick's Fiji's Exciting New Private Tours & Private Transfers Service

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

With the support of our regular customers who have traveled from all over the world, the local people of Fiji and our many other business partners, Mick's Fiji has prospered. Thank you to all those people that have supported us over the years, not only have you assisted us in building a successful business but you have also assisted the entire community by bringing commerce to the local villages and employing local indigenous people.

Mick's Fiji is 100% owned and operated by local indigenous Fijian's and we are proud to share our indigenous culture with you.

When you choose Mick's Fiji you are helping local indigenous Fijian communities - because part of every dollar we earn is given to needy indigenous Fijians.

Micks Fiji now has a total of 20 vehicles operating transfers and tour services in Fiji. We have recently also added a Luxury Car Service and now our friendly Mick's Fiji fleet consists of a total of 20 vehicles.

Our flag ship authentic cultural tour "The Village Tour" continues to be the most popular tour among visitors wanting to experience the real Fiji. The village tour allows you to immerse yourself into the traditional Fijian indigenous culture which includes the traditional Kava welcome ceremony, traditional cultural dancing & singing, tours of the village including the school, chiefs house and church. The village tour can be combined with a traditional lovo lunch (underground cooking).

The Authentic Fijian Cultural Tour

Visitors to our village of Tau will also get the opportunity to visit the local school (except for school holidays). All Fijian villages take pride in their schools as we take pride in our local Tau village school. No matter how small their annual budget is (and it is invariably tiny), the teachers work long and hard to get the best education possible for the children. Most villages are too small to have anything but a primary school, so older kids often have to travel many miles to the next village to attend secondary school. Boarding schools are the norm for more remote villages.​ If you want to bring gifts for the kids, things like pencils, rubbers, balloons, exercise books, books for the school library.​ They will all be put to good use, games are good too in particular ball games, rugby balls etc.

Tapa Cloth - Traditional Fiji Art

While you are in the village you may get the opportunity to see the traditional cloth Tapa. Tapa Cloth. Bark cloth, or tapa, is not a woven material, but made from bark that has been softened through a process of soaking and beating. Bark cloth is manufactured for everyday needs such as room dividers, clothing, and floor mats, as well as ceremonial uses in weddings and funerals.

Making Tapa cloth requires great skill and time to complete. The methodology has been passed down from generation to generation. The photos below show how it can also be used for ceremonial clothing, birthday & even business banners.

At Mick's Fiji we are all ways looking for new experiences and adventures to provide to our guests. and we have recently added some exciting new tours for you to try.

Your guide will lead you cruising gently through beautiful changing scenery including river crossings, mangroves, rain forest, big rock cuttings, open coastline and villages. There are lots of animals and friendly locals along the way. The destination is a beautiful unspoiled beach where we stop for an hour to enjoy a swim, snorkel, some light refreshments and chill out on our blow up couches. Then back on your 'Velocipede' and ride back to base. The electric function means you can pedal or not, totally up to you how much energy you want to use!

Enjoy an exhilarating longboat ride up the scenic and pristine Navua River through meandering rapids, passing cascading waterfalls, tropical rain forest, deep gorge and breathtaking canyon. A visit to an authentic Fijian village to witness life in the Namosi highlands and experience the real Fiji away from the cares of modern living. A refreshing swim at an amazing waterfall pool, riverside lunch with beverages. A compulsory safety briefing by our guides then enjoy floating downstream on inner tubes interspersed with gentle rapids. After tubing you are back on your longboats for your return trip to base.

Come on board the Magnificent 100 Foot Schooner “Whale’s Tale” and leave your worries behind. Become enveloped by the wondrous world of tropical tranquility. Put your feet up and surrender to the tale’s smooth sailing. As you become rejuvenated, dive further into the adventure; discovering an underwater paradise, strolling private sandy shores, and enjoying extra motorised activities and massage. When the sun begins to set you will return to the shores from whence you departed with revived mind and peaceful soul.

For more information in regard to any of these tours and more please go to Mick's Fiji Tours and Transfers website or contact us for more information.

Bula! We look forward to welcoming you to paradise Fiji

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